While simple response campaigns are very easy to build, I thought I’d write a blog post documenting how to build a more complex sales sequence in FunnelFLARE.

Other Example Sales Sequences

  1. After Meeting Someone at an Event
  2. Book a Demo
  3. Fundraising for Nonprofits
  4. Automation for Booking a Facility Tour

Background Work

Before you get started building the sequence, we’d highly recommend that you:

  1. Collect the best examples of different emails and communications you want to send. What’s the best cold email, the best follow up voicemail, etc, etc. Having a bit of content in the emails as you think about the sequence can help reduce unneeded steps, or add others you didn’t think about originally. We’d recommend collecting these in a single Google or Word doc, with a new page for each different email (along with a title or label per email)
  2. Sketch out the sequence on a piece of paper.
  3. Determine if you need to track sequence steps and synchronize those steps with your CRM.
  4. Figure out when people are added to the sequence, and when/how they get pushed out. What’s the desired outcome, as well as the other ways you kick a person out of the sequence.
  5. Determine what anti-spam legislation applies to you based on your location and the location of your prospects.

Example 1: “Attack Dog Sequence”

In this example, our SDR’s are working inside Zoho CRM and are being aided by FunnelFLARE automation. The automation checks 2 fields that are synchronized with Zoho: “Sequence Name”, and “Sequence Step”. These are used to determine what step we should go to next. eg:

  • Sales Sequence = AttackDog
  • Sequence Step = 1

After each wait period, the workflow checks again whether we’re at step 1, just in case the SDR manually reset the contact to an earlier step. The automation will automatically progress contacts to the next step in the sequence, or the SDR can move them manually.

Primary Goal: Book a demo with an Account Executive.

Other exit options: If the contact email bounces, we’ll mark it and ignore it for now. If they reply to the emails or phone calls in a very negative way, we’ll mark them as hostile. If they’re not interested at the moment, we’ll mark them for follow up in 60 days (another sequence to discuss on another day). If the prospect is added to a different sales sequence, we remove them.

Sequence Preparation: Make sure FF and Zoho are integrated and our CRM contact sync is configured correctly with the sequence fields mapped. In Zoho CRM, set contact sequence fields for those we want to target next. FunnelFLARE will automatically pull these changes and add contacts to the sequence. SDRs will need a call script, 3 recorded voicemails they do themselves, 3 template emails which we’re not going to let them change, a template LinkedIn connection message they can change the tone on if they want, and one more LinkedIn message.

Sequence Step 1: In the first step of our “Attack Dog” sequence, we’re going to add a task to Zoho that tells the SDR to call the prospect. In this step, you’ll need a phone script, and Voicemail 1 ready and waiting. We automatically progress the prospect to the next step, then wait 2 days. After the two days, we go back into checking which stage we’re in, just in case the salesperson changed steps on us in the meantime.

Sequence Step 2: In step 2, the system emails the prospect and reminds the SDR to add the prospect on LinkedIn via a Zoho task. This would likely include a scripted connection message we’d include in the description area of the Zoho task. As above, we auto-progress the contact to step 3 but also check after waiting to make sure the SDR hasn’t manually set us to a different stage.

Sequence Step 3: In this step, we remind the SDR to call with voicemail 2 if they get VM, and we follow up with a different follow-up email.

Sequence Step 4: Phone call, voicemail 3, social media message.

Sequence Step 5: In our last touch, we leave a social media message and email, and set the sales sequence to “none”. You could also add them to a different, long term reminder if you like.