FunnelFLARE provides the tools every CRM is missing

FunnelFLARE sales process automation software will reduce your sales effort so you spend more time with those prospects that matter.

Ignite Your Sales

Save Time With Every Call

Make every minute count. If you could count the amount of time you have wasted recording voice mails, sending follow up emails you would realize how many deals you have lost due to wasted time!

Call Faster, Call More Often
The fastest way to reach the largest number of people.

  • Rapid fire sales dialer with prospect connect automation

  • Click to call directly from within your CRM

  • Dynamic call scripts (using merge fields from your CRM!)

  • Voicemail Drop

  • Call completion email templates

  • Call completion SMS templates

  • Automatically log your call (with transcripts) in your CRM


Save Time With Sales Cadence Automation!

How many emails does it take to persuade a prospect to download a white paper? How many emails does it take to get a prospect to sign a contract. Now you can do the work once and assign drip campaigns to prospects directly from within your CRM!

Drag and Drop Cadence Automation

  • Assign drip campaigns directly from your CRM

  • Deal and task automation! Automate your entire sales process!

  • Sequence SMS autoresponders

  • Sequence multi-step follow up emails

  • Track all email opens, link clicks, and email replies

  • Automatically stop emails based on email replies, phone calls, or any prospect activity

  • All emails are sent using your business email servers (no unsubscribe links required)

  • Native Gmail and Outlook integration, full tracking of ALL emails

  • Bulk send emails using your own email system

Set Appointments That Will Be Attended

The effort required to get  a prospect to set aside time for you is a massive time waster.  And then the time wasted when the prospect does not show up! Let FunnelFLARE simplify appointment scheduling and do the heavy lifting of setting reminders for everyone.

Fantastic Appointment Scheduling

  • Integrates seamlessly with your calendar

  • Automatically send SMS and Email reminders for your prospect appointments

  • Full control over your appointment scheduling landing pages and forms


Call The Right Person At The Right Time

“I am busy right now, can you call back?” What if you could guarantee a prospect is at their computer and have time for  your call?  Let FunnelFLARE give you the insights into prospect behaviors.

Prospect Insights

  • Browser notifications when your prospect is on your website

  • Automated behavior insight calculations

  • Automatically time email sends based on prospect behaviors

  • See full history of everything your prospect does … right in your CRM

Sales Reporting

FunnelFLARE includes sales reporting to help you see what’s working and what’s not.

Ignite Your Sales