FunnelFLARE is made to help save SDR’s and salespeople’s time. It does that by:

  • Recording, transcribing and saving calls to FunnelFLARE and the CRM so you don’t have to take detailed call notes.
  • Automating follow up emails
  • Templating common emails (send a quote, datasheet follow up, etc, etc.)
  • Allowing clients and prospects to book their own appointments in your calendar

By and large, FunnelFLARE automates and eliminates the most repetitive work saving average reps 16.6 hours per week.reduce repetitive work with funnelflare

We’ve crunched the numbers on some anonymous usage data and can see that the average rep using FunnelFLARE:

  • Performs 50 calls per week
  • Sends 149 automated emails per week
  • Sends 40 manual emails through the platform per week

Calls: Saving time on note-taking, CRM logging

Numbers vary drastically between SDRs: who call 50-100 people per day on average, vs salespeople who may only call 30-50. For our average rep using FunnelFLARE for 50 calls per week, that is tremendous time savings.

no more manual note taking with funnelflareFor each call, the rep no longer has to:

  • Take detailed notes during the call, then edit those notes afterward
  • Log calls to the CRM or to FunnelFLARE

If they were to spend just 5 minutes writing those notes and logging them to the CRM, this saves reps 4.2 hours per week. This is a pretty conservative estimate and it doubly benefits salespeople because instead of focusing on taking perfect notes during the call, they can focus on the customer.

Automated Emails

The average FunnelFLARE user sends 149 automated emails per week. These emails can be personalized with prospect information and highly contextual if you use a good sales sequence. Again, taking a conservative estimate of 5 minutes to get familiar with the prospect and then send a follow-up email, FunnelFLARE is saving each rep an estimated 12.4 hours per week.automate emails with funnelflare

Template emails and email tracking

Manual emails sent out with FunnelFLARE tracking can instantly notify you if prospects are opening and reading your emails. FunnelFLARE-using salespeople treat those notifications like a dinner bell: time to call the prospect! Calling prospects when they’re actively reading your emails results in MUCH higher connection rates.

These tracked emails can also log activity to FunnelFLARE and control automation inside sales sequences: aiding in time savings.

The real benefit: more touchpoints and more sales

Now, to be honest, there’s more to these stats than meets the eye. Most sales reps wouldn’t send the volume of emails or make the number of calls they do without FunnelFLARE. Without FunnelFLARE they’d skip sending the follow-up emails, maybe they’d skimp on the quality of call notes, and ultimately they’d close fewer deals and book fewer meetings.

That 16.6 hours of time not spent on boring, repetitive tasks means reps can spend more time on the phone talking with prospects, pitching custom solutions, booking demos and facility tours, and actively selling to prospects instead of feeling like a cog in the machine.

The true impact of FunnelFLARE isn’t on time savings, it’s on revenue and the bottom line. If you’re looking to ignite your sales, book a demo and we’ll show you how.