This post is one of our series of sales sequences. To get going on your first sales sequence, we recommend this post. We also have some thoughts on Building a Kickass SaaS Demo Process over here.

SDR Sales Sequence to Book a Demo

In this example, we’re going to upload contact lists of 100 to FunnelFLARE for each Sales Development Resource (SDR), have SDRs work the contacts through a sequence, and push the contacts to book a demo with a salesperson/AE. The automation in this sequence is to aid getting in contact with the prospect, if we make contact with the prospect and get them on the phone/start talking about what to do, we exit this sequence. The SDRs in this example are not on a CRM to save money but the AE’s are on a CRM. We’re going to “pass” the sequence to our SDRs with calendar reminders and emails.

Primary Goal: Book a demo booked with Account Executive (AE).

Other exit options: If the contact email bounces, we’ll mark it and ignore it for now. If they reply to the emails or phone calls in a very negative way, we’ll mark them as hostile. If they’re not interested at the moment, we’ll mark them for follow up in 60 days (another sequence to discuss on another day)

Sequence Preparation: Upload contact list, add to the “SDR Demo Sequence” Contact list. We’re also going to build a “book a demo” page that books a demo with an AE, sets the contact manager to that AE, and posts a deal to our CRM. SDR’s are going to try to get prospects to book that demo. SDR’s will need a call script, 3 recorded voicemails they do themselves, 3 template emails which we’re not going to let them change, and 1 template SMS message that they can change the tone on if they want.

Sequence Step 1: We’re going to send an email from the SDR to the prospect and watch for activity. There’s a link to book a demo with the AE in the email and if they book the demo, we’re done right here. If there’s any other activity, we’re going to mark them for a call the next morning in our SDR’s Calendar. If there’s no activity for 2 days, we’ll mark them for a call the morning of the 3rd day in our SDR’s Calendar.

Sequence Step 2: This is our scripted intro call from our SDR. They’re going to follow a call script if they get in touch with the client, otherwise, they’re going to drop “VM1” and “Email follow up 1”. In the sequence, we’re going to wait for either a call or email from the SDR before we move to Step 3. The SDR could also manually move us to step 3. After this step, we’re going to wait 3 days.

Sequence Step 3: In this step, we email the prospect again, this time inviting them to download a buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide is a PDF we uploaded to FF. The link to that PDF is in the email and we watch to see if they download the file. If they download it, we send a text to the SDR alerting them so they can call the prospect at their earliest open spot. We wait for a click on that link for up to 5 days before automatically popping another reminder in the SDR’s calendar to follow up with the prospect

Sequence Step 4: The SDR calls the prospect again. The script has not changed, but they’ll use “VM2” and “email follow up 2” if they get the prospect’s voicemail again. We’ll wait 7 days then schedule another follow-up call in the SDR’s calendar.

Sequence Step 5: Last step in this sequence. The SDR is going to text the prospect upfront with SMS1. This text says who is calling and why in order to prep the prospect and hopefully encourage them to answer the call. 5 minutes later, the SDR calls. If they don’t get a hold of the prospect, they leave VM3 and “email follow up 3”.

SDR Appointment Booking Process