Home buying is a numbers game with a bit of luck: hitting the right person at the right time with the right message via the right channel. But you can tilt that numbers and luck game in your favor with some good quality sales automation.

Automation helps home buyers by:

  • Scaling up the volume of touchpoints without having to hire an army of assistants
  • Improving call performance with a dialer and smart sequences
  • Improving consistency, even between different reps
  • Cutting down on time required for follow-ups

Most importantly, automation helps reduce the number of times a rep has to review a prospect and figure out what to do next. If you want to handle a lot of prospects and a lot of touchpoints, you need to save time on review and instead rely on sales sequences to handle the steps and timing for you.

David Jenkins, Development Manager at Bliss Realty recommends,

Always start with personas. These can help guide the content and timing of your campaign and make it easy for lead managers to choose a campaign that will be perfectly matched for any given prospect. From there, layer in different attributes like whether they prefer text message or email, whether the home has been listed or not, whether the prospect is motivated or not, etc.

Sales sequences for every eventuality

Home buyers use sequences to increase consistency and add repeatability to the process. While most home buyers have a standard and formalized process for steps after the close, using sequences for prospects helps consistently move them along the process. Handling sequences for prospects usually means using many different sequences that vary slightly. Sequences will also make use of all available channels like:

  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Phone call follow ups
  • Direct mail (we can post to some print on demand services using web hooks)

The most successful FunnelFLARE home buyers build and use different sequences to handle all kinds of sales process steps, campaigns, prospect situations, and after-close follow-ups. Automation should be flexible enough that it can handle if a prospect asks for a follow up 3 months from now.

Example Sequence

In the below example sequence, the rep has just sent a cash offer to the prospect and now uses the automation to handle follow-up steps:

home buyer automation workflow

Home buyer sales sequence tips:

Tip 1: Using the home address in the text message or emails is key and we recommend that it be added as a custom field to the prospect so it can be used in sequences. ie: “We were recently talking about [property address], are you still thinking of selling it?”

Tip 2: FunnelFLARE makes it easy to use correctly paced communications that are all fully automated. Text messages come from the rep’s tracked phone number and use the prospect’s name and other details, while emails are personalized and come from the rep’s email and can be seen in their “sent” folder.

Tip 3: Sequences should be practical and made for the people who use them. Consider what your lead managers need and how they’ll use the automation.

David Jenkins of Bliss Realty adds,

Being able to add text messages along with emails and phone call follow ups to campaigns is killer. Many prospects want to engage via text messages and embedding them right in sequences helps get the right response.

Integrate your CRM or use FunnelFLARE’s (or both)

FunnelFLARE has fantastic, built-in, native integration with many CRMs. We can synchronize contacts, post deals up to the CRM, post notes or activities, and you can even use FunnelFLARE within many CRMs via the FunnelFLARE Chrome Extension.

For those home buyers who don’t have a CRM, FunnelFLARE has a built-in CRM that can handle high volume touchpoints and helps you close more sales. You can easily see contact, deal, and organization info, what stage the prospect is in, what sequences you may have them going through, etc.

And some FunnelFLARE customers use both. They use FunnelFLARE’s CRM for high-volume cold calling and outreach, then post the contact and deal to their CRM for realtors to handle.

Smarter Calling

FunnelFLARE has a built-in phone, dialer, and texting system that helps reps hit 100 calls per day. To hit those kinds of numbers, FunnelFLARE:

  • can track and optionally record outbound and inbound calls
  • has call completion templates so you can use pre-recorded voicemail messages plus an email or text
  • can report on call metrics to track performance
  • has a built-in power dialer that can be used to rapidly dial numbers, engage, and move on to the next prospect

Ready to close more deals?

FunnelFLARE is affordably priced per rep and makes it easy to scale a business. If you’re ready to scale your business, book a FunnelFLARE live demo and we’ll show you around, or sign up for a free 2-week trial and give it a go.