Enhanced sales automation for Pipeline CRM with our seamless integration.

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FunnelFLARE and Pipedrive Integration

Automate repetitive tasks = Means more time for selling.

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FunnelFLARE natively integrates with Pipeline to streamline your sales processes and
get rid of tedious tasks that slow you down!

  • Bi-directional contact synchronization

  • Push new contacts, activities, tasks, and custom field changes to Pipeline

  • Use Pipeline to control FunnelFLARE automation

  • Choose what you want to synchronize to FunnelFLARE and what you don’t

  • pipeline integration action items
  • pipeline integration field mapping
  • Click to call directly from within Pipeline

  • Voicemail Drop

  • Call completion email templates

  • Call completion SMS templates

  • Automatically log your call (with transcripts) in Pipeline

  • Browser notifications when your prospect is on your website

  • Automated behavior insight calculations

  • Automatically time email sends based on prospect behaviors

  • See full history of everything your prospect does … right in Pipeline

  • Integrates seamlessly with your calendar

  • Automatically send SMS and Email reminders for your prospect appointments

  • Full control over your appointment scheduling landing pages and forms

  • Assign drip campaigns directly from Pipeline

  • Sequence SMS autoresponders

  • Sequence multi-step follow up emails

  • Track all email opens, link clicks, and page visits

  • Automatically stop emails based on email replies, phone calls, or any prospect activity

  • All emails are sent using your business email servers (no unsubscribe links required)

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– Howard Hughes, The Aviator

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