Enhanced sales automation for Pipedrive CRM with our seamless integration.

Special Limited Time Offer for Pipedrive Users

These are challenging times for everyone. We are working with our technology partners like Pipedrive to try and help our clients where we can. For existing Pipedrive users, the first TWO months subscription are FREE for new FunnelFLARE customers who sign up for an annual subscription . Talk to your FunnelFLARE Sales contact for more details.

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FunnelFLARE and Pipedrive Integration

Automated repetitive tasks = More time for selling.

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FunnelFLARE natively integrates with Pipedrive to streamline your sales processes and
get rid of tedious tasks that slow you down!

  • Click to call directly from within Pipedrive

  • Voicemail Drop

  • Call completion email templates

  • Call completion SMS templates

  • Automatically log your call (with transcripts) in Pipedrive

  • Browser notifications when your prospect is on your website

  • Automated behavior insight calculations

  • Automatically time email sends based on prospect behaviors

  • See full history of everything your prospect does … right in Pipedrive

  • Integrates seamlessly with your calendar

  • Automatically send SMS and Email reminders for your prospect appointments

  • Full control over your appointment scheduling landing pages and forms

  • Assign drip campaigns directly from Pipedrive

  • Sequence SMS autoresponders

  • Sequence multi-step follow up emails

  • Track all email opens, link clicks, and page visits

  • Automatically stop emails based on email replies, phone calls, or any prospect activity

  • All emails are sent using your business email servers (no unsubscribe links required)

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“A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing.”
– Blake, Glengarry Glen Ross

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