Smart Solutions International (SSI) provides financial management software solutions specifically for the CFO. Whether it’s ERP, HCM, FMS, or business intelligence (BI), Smart Solutions knows what works best for banking, government, and manufacturing: specifically the finance department.

The Challenge

SSI needed to amplify the time of sales reps and automate common follow-ups. They needed to automate follow-ups after webinars, use engagement routines to try to get customers into a demo, and alert sales once clients are in a nurture workflow.

The Solution

Smart Solutions was initially looking for a sales enablement platform like Outreach. While looking for alternatives, they came across FunnelFLARE. Smart Solutions found that FunnelFLARE was a lot like Outreach but it also came with a lot of other features they were interested in AND it integrated with a wider range of CRMs.

SSI integrated FunnelFLARE with their Salesforce CRM and built out drip campaigns, automated webinar follow-ups, and more to save time and make salespeople more efficient.

Victor Mate, VP of Americas Sales at SSI said, “While we integrated FunnelFLARE with Salesforce, we’ve been considering moving to another CRM like Zoho. I was glad to hear that FunnelFLARE integrates with both, so we can keep using it in the future. It also works with our other platforms like our WordPress-based website and our ActiveDEMAND marketing automation.”

The Result

Smart Solutions International is saving time on sales and sales reps are able to handle more prospects. The savings in time has accelerated growth and now the company is growing into new territories:

Victor explains, “What we’ve done recently has been very successful. Our digital strategy has been working for us so well that we’re expanding into opening up an agency for some software sellers. FunnelFLARE has been great to work with and support is on the ball.”