This post is one of our series of sales sequences. To get going on your first sales sequence, we recommend this post.

Adding People From Networking Events to Drip Campaigns

In this example, our high flying insurance salesperson meets lots of prospects at business socials. The salesperson wants to provide value for the prospect first through some insightful content, then ask for the prospect’s business. This all has to be automated. Our salesperson uses Salesforce CRM, but this will also work with other CRM’s that FunnelFLARE integrates with. We’re going to “pass” the sequence back to sales by adding tasks in Salesforce and waiting for them to take action.

Primary Goal: Book a business insurance needs assessment call

Other exit options: If they reply to the emails or phone calls in a very negative way, we’ll mark them as hostile. If they’re not interested at the moment, we’ll mark them for follow up in 60 days. (another sequence to discuss on another day)

Sequence Preparation: Our socialite salesperson gets 10 decent business cards a night, scans them in and adds contacts in Salesforce. He then tags them for the “Met at social” sales sequence. We need to build the “Insurance needs assessment” appointment scheduler page.

Sequence Step 1: Our first email is short and sweet “great meeting you last night”. There’s no ask at all in this email, but we do have our email signature at the bottom along with links to our company and a link to “book a free insurance needs assessment” as well. We watch for clicks to our company, but our automation isn’t going to do anything about it yet. We wait for 7 days.

Sequence Step 2: Very short and sweet email with “hey, I thought you might find this handy”. The sequence is going to send an email on behalf of the salesperson including a report with common insurance rates. We wait for 7 days, but if the user clicks the link in the email in the 7 days, we create a task in Salesforce for the salesperson to call the prospect the next day.

Sequence Step 3: Our third email is going to link to a blog post on our website on “5 tips to reduce your insurance rates”. We won’t make the salesperson do anything even if there’s a click. We’re going to wait 7 days, and then move to Step 4.

Sequence Step 4: In this step, we’re going to schedule a task in Salesforce due 14 days from today for the salesperson to send “event invite1”. The salesperson can complete the task anytime in the next 2 weeks. It’s a templated email that the salesperson pulls up in FunnelFLARE that is an invite to one of the next events that the salesperson is going to be at. The salesperson customizes the event and details, then thoughtfully invites the prospect to the event. We give a nice, generous timeline so that our salesperson can add them to the right event as it comes up.

Automating networking event follow up

Every successful net-worker has their own unique after-event flow. FunnelFLARE can help you handle more touch-points so that you can work the room without having to worry about creating a mountain of follow-ups.