FunnelFLARE does not sell user data. Given that GDPR and CCPA both have overlapping requirements, we decided to put all the request info in one spot.

Do Not Sell my Personal Information

This form requests that FunnelFLARE not sell your data for at least 1 year, as per CCPA requirements. We don’t sell user data anyways, but here’s the form.

Request Personal Data Deletion (Forget Me Requests)

This form is a personal data deletion or “Forget me Request” in GDPR. FunnelFLARE complies with data removal requests and maintains an audit trail for compliance with CCPA and GDPR removal requests.

Personal Data Access Request (Subject Access Request)

This is a personal data access request or subject access request (SAR). If you fill out this form, we’ll email you what info we have.

If you’re having issues with any of these forms, you can email us at or call us toll free: 1-(833) 201-6011