Outreach Pricing

Outreach vs FunnelFLARE pricing

Outreach and FunnelFLARE are both sales engagement platforms that help salespeople reach more customers. Outreach’s pricing starts at $100/user/month on a yearly schedule.

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Cost per user $45/mo $100/mo
Contract Terms Monthly or Yearly Yearly
Free Trial? Yes, 2 weeks No trial available


Integrating with other sales and marketing platforms helps make for a more useful end product. FunnelFLARE integrates with a wide variety of CRM’s while Outreach only has a limited number of CRMs that it natively integrates with. Both sales platforms offer integration with the most popular email and calendar tools available like Outlook and GMail, as well as multi-use connectors like PieSync and Zapier.

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Microsoft Dynamics
Zoho CRM
Sherpa CRM


Outreach and FunnelFLARE share very similar featuresets. Both sales enablement platforms offer calling, call logging abilities, as well as time savers like voicemail drop. Salespeople can add clients to personalized drip campaigns and get alerts when their prospects are active.

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Support via Live Chat
Outbound Phone Dialer
Personalized Drip Campaigns
Record calls for QA
Transcribe calls and post to CRM
Coaching Analytics
Voicemail drop
Lead activity alerts
Identify the best time to contact prospects
Pre-recorded Voicemail Drop
SMS Images
FunnelFLARE workflow automation

FunnelFLARE Email and CRM task automation


Outreach and FunnelFLARE are similar in feature sets, but FunnelFLARE integrates with many more CRM’s and is priced far more affordably. Many people prefer FunnelFLARE’s ‘in the CRM’ approach as it reduces switching between products to get work done.

Customers of ours who used to be with Outreach love our quality of support and the fact they can get quick answers with a live chat.

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