Stop wasting time doing things the hard way. Coffee is indeed for closers. Let us help you sell faster with less effort. If you cannot drop by for some coffee, send us a note, we are happy to chat with closers like you!


It has been asked before. It will be asked again. We have the answers, we are happy to share them with you!

We are folks who, like you, would rather be closing more and doing less. We are not lazy, we just do not like wasting time doing that which can be automated. Selling is our passion!

Of course it is. If you are not closing business, why are you thinking of coffee?

Closers who use FunnelFLARE love that we work well with the tools they are using today. If you do not see your CRM in the list, drop us a line, we would be happy to talk about connecting to your CRM!

Every sales person likes rockets. So do we. C’mon, you probably giggled like a kid in a candy store when SpaceX shot that roadster into the sky.

If you lost your leads, we will not find them for you. But FunnelFLARE will help you close your leads a lot faster so you can go find your lost leads.

Not all Canadians live in Igloos. Station wagons yes, Igloos, no.

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