FunnelFLARE Tracks the Website Visitors Already Interested in Your Product

Many salespeople have cut their teeth on cold calling: ringing people up just after supper to sell them on magazine subscriptions, or going door to door and facing rejection right up close and personal. And many of them avoid cold calling because it’s hard to make a living selling to people who have never heard of you. But what if you could call people who HAVE heard of you and have been to your website?

FunnelFLARE tracks anonymous users who browse the website and is pretty good at figuring out where they work. It won’t catch people working from home or remotely, but it’s pretty good at identifying people who are working from a traditional office. So why not call people who are looking at your products first before digging out the yellow pages and a pen to cross off the ones you’ve called?

View New Companies and Get Calling

If you have a whole pile of hungry salespeople getting desperate for something to chase or for new salespeople that you’re not ready to give great leads to yet, FunnelFLARE has 3 purpose-built dashboard widgets for you.

  • “Company Visitors” groups companies that are visiting your website. You can set the timeframe to a time range that’s appropriate: maybe the last 7 days?
  • New Companies Visiting” shows new companies that have visited and were created in the timeframe specified. Fresh meat for sales.
  • “Who is on my website? (real-time viewer)” does exactly what it sounds like: it shows live viewers on your website. This is similar in functionality to our Chrome extension.

Use the search function to do quick and dirty filtering against a marketing channel or country. We find that some channels drive higher quality prospects than others. Some of these contacts aren’t in a traditional office setup that can be detected, so they may show their ISP instead.

Once you find a company you’re interested in, click “view details”. This will show company information, consolidated activity across all detected employees, and a listing of detected employees.

Your salespeople could look through LinkedIn (or their Rolodex if they’re really old school) to guesstimate the name of their target and try calling them, adding contacts to the CRM as they go. This is easy in FunnelFLARE because you can post these visitors to the CRM with the click of a button.

I tried this out myself, and it was pretty quick.

  1. I found an interesting company that had visited our website today
  2. I went to LinkedIn and found the company and employees of that company
    1. I looked for contacts in the city detected through FunnelFLARE
    2. I looked for LinkedIn contacts who were the likely person responsible for browsing our website
  3. I added the contact name/title from LinkedIn to the FunnelFLARE website visitor. I could have used FunnelFLARE’s data enrichment at this point.
  4. I went to the company website, found the phone number, called in, chatted with their receptionist a bit then asked for the person I found and got transferred.
  5. Wow, what a coincidence! You were just on our website today in fact? What good timing!

All told, it took me maybe 5 minutes total, 10 minutes if you count me being super picky going through website visitors to pick who I was going to call to see if this would work.

Alternatively, you could post all these companies to your CRM in bulk, but we’re not super jazzed about that idea because it breaks the concept of passing high-quality leads between sales and marketing. It’ll fill your CRM with trash. Contacts and companies should be filtered somehow before getting to the CRM, and we think that having a salesperson or assistant look at a contact and say to themselves, “Yep, I’m going to call this one.” this is a good enough signal.

Connecting on the Second Call

After your initial cold calling marathon, leaving a devastating trail of voicemails in your wake, you might find that you connected with fewer people than you hoped. Before embarking on the second round of cold calls, get ready to call them at the perfect time and catch them at their desk.

As people listen to your voicemail, they’re going to go back to the website and see why this person called them up, and here’s the key: you’re going to coincidentally call them exactly when they’re on your website! If you’ve emailed your prospects using FunnelFLARE, you can opt for notifications when your prospects are reading those as well.

Since you posted those visitors to your CRM and claimed them as the contact manager in FunnelFLARE and you have the FunnelFLARE Chrome extension, you’re going to get notified the minute those prospects are on your website or reading your email. A perfect time to call them up “out of the blue” and talk about what drew them to the website and what problem they were trying to solve. We’ve found this method to be much more effective than randomly or batch calling for the second call. Your prospects are busy people and it can be hard to catch them at the right time, but this method ensures it’s the right time. . .everytime. From the same FunnelFLARE Chrome extension, you can start a recorded call and the transcription of that call can be posted to your CRM, so you don’t have to click-clack your keyboard taking notes in the background to post it to your CRM and instead you can focus on your prospect and their needs.


While we prefer inbound leads to show up at our door on a silver platter, sometimes we have to dig deeper into users who haven’t called or filled out a form yet. At least we should start with our lukewarm leads first before heading back to our old steady cold calling techniques. If you’re out of leads or you need something for your new sales team to dig into, try reviewing who is visiting your website and call them first!