This post is one of our series of sales sequences. To get going on your first sales sequence, we recommend this post.

Note: When trying to drive more donations for nonprofits and foundations using a sales sequence(sometimes called a cadence or automation), you’ll definitely want to segment your audiences and target appropriately. You can’t use just one sales sequence with your prospects, small donors, recurring donors, AND large donors.

Sales Process for Soliciting Donations

Scaling a nonprofit’s outbound fundraising can be challenging. Hiring the right people, training, maintaining consistency all add up to keeping some nonprofits from reaching fundraising goals. By automating some of the touchpoints and working together with sales, sales acceleration software like FunnelFLARE can help deliver more touchpoints per outbound caller, better consistency, and ultimately more donations.

In this example automation, our outbound callers are trying to drive additional donations around a spring campaign for a humane society. Some contacts (separate from this campaign) will just get an email and no follow up, but the contacts in our list are the highest value donors. That said, this is a quick campaign and will not involve a ton of touchpoints with each contact. We don’t want to push our biggest donors too hard, just hard enough.

Primary Goal: Donate over the phone or online

Other exit options: If the contact email bounces, we’ll mark it and ignore it for now. If they reply to the emails or phone calls in a very negative way, we’ll mark them as hostile. If they’re not interested at the moment, we’ll take them off this particular campaign

Sequence Preparation: We’ll download our list of 100 target prospects from our CRM, then upload them to FunnelFLARE and divide up the contacts by the outbound caller. Each outbound caller will need a call script and 2 pre-recorded voicemails, 1 “how to donate” follow up email, and we’ll also need 2 template emails that we’ll use for everyone. Outbound callers flag the contacts for this sales sequence in small batches every day so that they won’t be overwhelmed over the time the campaign drive is active.

Sequence Step 1: In our first step, we send the high-value donors a personalized email, then we wait 3 days for step 2. If the high-value donor clicks a link in the email, we send a text message to our outbound caller to immediately call the high-value donor and don’t wait for step 2.

Sequence Step 2: We schedule a call reminder in our outbound caller’s Calendar for the following morning. They can pick when to make the call, and the calendar description has all the info in it they’ll need to make the call. If they do get a hold of the caller, they follow a script to try to get a donation on the phone or they send the “how to donate” email follow up template. If they can’t get a hold of the contact, they leave voicemail #1. We wait for 3 days.

Sequence Step 3: One more call! We put a reminder in our outbound caller’s calendar to perform “Call 2” with the high-value donor. It’s the same story as above, but we’ll leave voicemail #2 if we can’t reach them and we’ll also send the follow up “how to donate online” email.

Non profit donor sales process

If your outbound callers use a CRM, you could integrate with that CRM and use tasks/activities/reminders instead of calendar reminders like the ones used in this sequence. FunnelFLARE supports lots of CRMs natively, and even more with Zapier.