This post is one of our series of sales sequences. To get going on your first sales sequence, we recommend this post.

Some companies use a facility tour as an important step in their sales process. This sales sequence (sometimes referred to as a sales cadence or sales automation), helps VP’s get prospects in for facilities tours.

Sales Sequence for Booking a Facility Tour

This automation is user-driven: VPs use the Pipedrive CRM app on their phone or desktop to mark new prospects they’ve met to receive the “Facility Tour” sequence. VPs meet company owners and other VPs and get their approval to send them info about booking a facility tour.

Primary Goal: Book facility tour with any VP available via the “book facility tour” appointment scheduling page. If they complete this step, they’re taken out of the campaign.

Other exit options: If the contact email bounces, we’ll mark it in Pipedrive. If they reply to the emails or phone calls in a very negative way, we’ll mark them as hostile. If they’re not interested at the moment, we’ll take them off this particular campaign

Sequence Preparation: Pipedrive is connected with FunnelFLARE and they share a custom field called “Get Facility Tour”. Once a VP adds a contact and then flags them to receive the facility tour sequence, FunnelFLARE picks up the rest. We’ll need 2 template emails, 1 follow up call script, and a pre-recorded voicemail for each VP who generates leads in this way. Our “Facility Tour” landing page and appointment scheduler will be connected to all VPs calendars and will be in the order of priority based on who’s the best at giving tours and who sucks. Tours will need LOTS of time before and after each appointment in case the prospect wants to talk about their needs and we can start to build a project with them, so we’ll set up the shared appointment scheduler that way.

Sequence Step 1: Step one is an email to get the prospect to book a tour. It comes from the VP who’s the contact manager and it is sent immediately because sales VP’s think it’ll be cool to send a well-formatted email right away. We wait for 7 days, if the prospect books a tour in that time, they’re kicked out of the sequence. If they do not, they move to Step 2:

Sequence Step 2: Step two is another email. It’s a reminder, it comes as a reply to the earlier email from our VP and looks like them just bumping the conversation. We wait another 7 days before step 3.

Sequence Step 3: Now it’s time for the heavy hitter to come in. We’re going to add a task in Pipedrive for our VP to call the prospect and see if they can book them into a demo. The due date is +7 days from the start of Step 3 because VPs are busy people. If the VP can’t get the person on the phone, they’ll drop their pre-recorded voicemail and pre-done email follows up with the link to the “Facility Tour” landing page. If our VPs need a reminder beyond a task in Pipedrive, we could also check if the call was made, and if it wasn’t, set a reminder in their calendar to call the prospect.

Sequence Step 4: We uncheck the “Get Facility Tour” box in Pipedrive, post to Pipedrive that we didn’t manage to book a tour and the sequence stops.

Because we’ve set up our exit criteria as goals and set the campaign to stop if any of those are met, the workflow itself is pretty simple.