SaaS platforms are revolutionizing business and consumer markets, but they can be so feature-rich and revolutionary that they need a guided tour for buyers to fully appreciate the platform. That’s why many SaaS vendors offer personalized demos with prospects. A booked demo is far better than a boring “contact us” form that almost everyone used in the past because it offers up a date and timeslot to the prospect.

We use FunnelFLARE to automate much of the process around giving FunnelFLARE demos and wanted to share how our process works. We’ll show from the perspective of the client and people who give the demos.

A good demo support system will:

  • Make it easy for prospects to self-book appointments where timeslots allow
  • Support having multiple demo-givers run off the same demo scheduler
  • Remind the prospect about the demo at appropriate times

The Booking Page(s)

Your demo booking pages should reflect who you want to do demos and whether you need different types of demos done. Most SaaS companies will want 1 primary demo booking page they send the majority of their traffic to, but some companies will also want individual booking pages for each salesperson or individual booking pages for each demo giver.

For the demo form, we recommend using a 2-step form so you can get the prospect’s basic info on step 1 and then ask 1 or 2 other high-value questions on part 2 that’ll help you personalize the demo. We find most prospects will not abandon the form after step 1, so you get the advantage of better quality info AND high conversion rates on the form.

How to Pick Who Does the Demos

For that primary booking page, if you only have 1 person doing demos, it’s pretty easy. If you have multiple people doing demos, you need to consider whether:

  • Demos involve multiple participants on the call
  • Demos go to 1 person and are based on priority
  • Demos go to 1 person and are shared evenly
  • Demos go to 1 person and are based on time (Bob takes mornings, Susan takes afternoons, Steve takes evenings, etc)

FunnelFLARE supports all of these situations. In our experience, most SaaS companies have multiple demo givers and book them based on priority or shared evenly. Most SaaS companies offer demo bookings during regular business hours only.

Remind the Prospect

Nothing sucks more than jumping on a call for a demo and the prospect forgot and is unavailable. By default, our appointment scheduler will remind prospects:

  1. With an initial email when they book the meeting (including a link for iCal/Outlook, Google Calendar, etc)
  2. 1-day before the demo
  3. 1-hour before the demo via email and text message (if a phone number is available)

Of course, you can customize this sequence, this is just what we use for ourselves and what the system does by default.

The system also sends a meeting request to the demo giver with all the pertinent client info.

Book a GoToMeeting or Zoom

Optional, but we like it because our system can auto-book a GoToMeeting or Zoom for the demo. Handy if you’re going to screen share and if your prospect is going to include multiple people on the call.

Want to see how it works? Book a demo with us and you can both see first-hand how it works, and we can show you how it works on the backend too.