Pipedrive is a sales CRM known for their great board-style kanban interface, affordable pricing, and innovative features. It includes basic automation, but if you want to do more in-depth sales automation with decisions, stages, and more outreach options, FunnelFLARE offers more in-depth sales sequencing. Since FunnelFLARE integrates natively with Pipedrive, you can integrate sales sequences tightly with your current sales processes and ensure both systems are kept synchronized.

Example 1: Recover Unresponsive Prospect Sales Sequence with Pipedrive

Our first example covers handling a portion of a sales sequence if a prospect becomes unresponsive. The salesperson tried calling and emailing the prospect a few times, but the prospect is not picking up their phone, replying to emails, or responding to voicemails, so now it’s time to automate the next part of the sequence. We ensure to configure goals for the sequence: such as having the prospect reply to an email, call us back on a tracked number, or book an appointment. We have our sequence set so that completing a goal pulls the prospect out of the sequence so that the automation doesn’t bug them anymore if the prospect comes back to life.

This sequence waits 2 days, then sends email1. We watch email 1 for 3 days. If the prospect does anything substantial, they’re out of the sequence at that point, but if they do something only kind of interesting, like click a booking link but not book, we add them to our “hot leads” power dialer list to call the next day. Otherwise, they’ll get email 2 followed by a 1-week wait, then email 3. If the prospect has still been a ghost up until this point, we’ll create a task in Pipedrive for the salesperson to review and determine if further action is required or if they should just close out the deal.

Example 2: Book a Tour with Pipedrive

Below is an example sales sequence for Pipedrive that automates and sequences booking a tour with a prospect. This sequence would work well for appointment booking as well.

For this particular example, the salesperson would flag a contact for the “Book Facility Tour” using a checkbox option in Pipedrive. That custom field would be mapped to a matching field in FunnelFLARE, so that when you make the change in Pipedrive, FunnelFLARE springs into action. Like the example above, we have goals for what we want the contact to do and if they perform any of those, we kick them out of the campaign.

Our first step in this sequence is to send an email immediately. For a “book a facility tour” example, it’s important to send the email without waiting too long because the salesperson might be at a business networking event with the prospect. That first email is a “nice to meet you, here’s a link to book a facility tour”. The link goes to an appointment booking page (Appointment scheduler tips here) where they can book a tour. If they book a tour, the sequence ends here.

We’ll give the prospect 7 days. If they don’t do anything we want them to, we follow up with the 2nd email reminder. 7 more days, then we’re going to create a reminder for the salesperson/VP to call the prospect. This will be in Pipedrive as a task. 7 more days, then 1 final email to the prospect, and we close out the sequence and post that the sequence has ended in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Sales Sequence Example