Nimble is a powerful CRM many users like for its great integration with both Office 365 and G Suite, as well as its affordable pricing. Because FunnelFLARE offers powerful native integration with Nimble, we can create anything from basic sales cadences to extremely comprehensive sales sequences.

Basic sales sequence example with Nimble and FunnelFLARE

For our basic example, we’re going to create a drip campaign that handles prospects at the end of a typical sales sequence when things aren’t going well: when the prospect is unresponsive or “ghosting” the salesperson. These last follow-ups when we’re chasing prospects down are usually very similar and they happen a lot, so they’re a great candidate for automation. Once the salesperson has unsuccessfully tried to contact the prospect several times, it’s time to let the system handle it. You could add a contact into this drip campaign right inside Nimble by using the FunnelFLARE Chrome extension like this:

Nimble Email Automation

Nimble Email Drip Campaigns

Building out the Nimble sequence in FunnelFLARE

Inside FunnelFLARE, you’ll need to build out and customize this portion of the sales sequence. In the sequence, you build in wait steps, decision steps, actions for the system to take, and actions for the salesperson to take. The system can communicate to the salesperson directly or through Nimble tasks, posts, and Nimble custom fields.

In our example below, we assume that the salesperson has added the prospect to this sequence because they just tried calling the prospect. The system automatically emails the prospect on behalf of the salesperson 2 days after they’ve been added, then the system watches that email for activity. If the prospect clicks a link in the email, we schedule a follow-up call in Nimble, otherwise, we send another email after 2 days.

After that, we wait 7 days, then send another email, and finally put a task in Nimble for the salesperson to manually review and close out the deal.

Sales Sequence in Nimble

You’ll also want to make sure you have goals set that will exit a prospect who replies to one of the emails, calls in, or otherwise “comes back to life”.

Just the tip of the iceberg

This example just shows a piece of a sales sequence to keep things simple. Some Nimble users opt to build basic campaigns like the one above that sales use to save time. Other users build their full sales cadence or sequences into FunnelFLARE and communicate stages with Nimble using custom fields. Because FunnelFLARE has a native, bi-direction synchronization with Nimble that goes beyond just simple contact sync, Nimble users are able to build more integrated sales sequences that fit seamlessly in with their sales process. If you’re looking to see a live example of how you can build sales sequences with Nimble and FunnelFLARE, book a demo with us today.

This example uses the “revive unresponsive prospect” sales sequence you can read more about here.