Effective salespeople maximize their client-facing time and keep the time they spend on administration to a minimum. Yet many salespeople and account managers still follow an old fashioned way of calling customers that goes something like this:

  1. Pull up the client account in Salesforce or other CRM, figure out what you were doing last with them (2-4 minutes)
  2. Call the client, go to voicemail, leave the same voicemail you always leave (1 minute)
  3. Send the same follow up email you always send, customize slightly for the customer (5-10 minutes)
  4. Move onto the next

With up to 15 minutes being spent just to leave a voicemail and email, and these salespeople aren’t spending time SELLING. That’s why we created the FunnelFLARE Power Dialer. It flips the script on how you contact your clients. A Power Dialer session is very different.

  1. Create a list of clients and prospects that you want to contact. (5 minutes, but you only have to do it once)
  2. Your first contact in the Power Dialer comes up when you start a Power Dialer session in the Chrome plugin.
  3. You get recent activities, pertinent contact details, as well as contact and account insights on what they’ve been up to. You can see when they open emails, when they last viewed the website, etc. (1 minute to review)
  4. Call the client, if you go to voicemail, perform a voicemail drop using a pre-recorded voicemail of your choosing (30 seconds)
  5. Choose to send a pre-templated email that automatically personalizes to the client/prospect (15 seconds)
  6. Move on to the next

Now instead of each contact taking up to 15 minutes, we’re blazing through them in a minute or two AND we’re better informed as we make the call because the information we need is right in front of us.

The Sales Power Dialer is perfect for:

  • Salespeople who need to follow up or touch base with 5+ contacts per day
  • Account Managers who perform periodic follow-ups with clients
  • Non-profits contacts large donors
  • Political parties fundraising by calling past donors