“Sales Enablement” is a broad term describing processes and technology that helps salespeople accelerate prospects through the buyers’ journey. Now that we have the mouthful of theory out of the way, let’s get real.

“Sales Enablement” is used interchangeably by very different types of platforms.

  • Sales consultants provide sales analysis, along with sales enablement process changes and training.
  • CRMs provide sales enablement by storing contact data, centralizing relationship logging, and providing sales analytics.
  • Content-centric sales enablement platforms offer content storage, smart content recommendations, and content use analytics.
  • Productivity-centric sales enablement platforms automate and enhance common sales activities to save time calling, emailing, and communicating with prospects and clients.

So it’s important to know what kind of sales enablement platform, or consultant, you’re looking for because it’s used fairly loosely and doesn’t really have a solid definition.

Saving Time

FunnelFLARE is a productivity-centric sales enablement platform. It uses automation and technology to save salespeople time, letting them get more done and win more sales. The platform does this by saving time on tasks like:

  • Logging call notes to the CRM. FunnelFLARE can record, transcribe and post the transcription right to your CRM
  • Logging emails and text messages to the CRM
  • Using call completion templates to quickly drop pre-recorded voicemails and send a templated email and text messages after
  • Improving connection rates by alerting salespeople when their prospects are active and it’s time to strike
  • Automating common sales tasks like processing a won deal

Increasing Productivity

Productivity focused sales platforms like FunnelFLARE also pushes salespeople to be more productive by helping them hit more touchpoints consistently by:

Sales Enablement Covers a Wide Variety of Platforms

Ultimately, there are many different styles of sales enablement and they solve different issues. If you’re looking for a productivity-centric sales enablement platform, FunnelFLARE offers a free 2-week trial and is very competitively priced.