Today we launched a new part of the FunnelFLARE platform: tasks. Many of our users automate tasks right inside their CRM, but some users don’t use a CRM or don’t like the tasking inside their CRM. FunnelFLARE’s new tasking system is easy to use and offers a LOT of options for automation.

Why Use Tasks with a Sales Enablement Platform like FunnelFLARE?

Tasks are activities that need human intervention to complete. They need that personal touch. Sales Enablement platforms like FunnelFLARE automate many sales activities and processes but need a way to “hand things back over” to sales when a human touch is required. That’s why tasks are important in FunnelFLARE: tasks are communication between the system and people.

Using Tasks in FunnelFLARE

What’s in a Task?

Task Status: ie: Open, In Progress, Done

Task Statuses are a good way to show if a task is done, open, or for bigger tasks: if you’re working on it. We think that a kanban board to arrange tasks by status is a handy way of seeing what’s to-do:

Task Outcomes, ie: Continuation, Invalid Number, Advancement, wrong number, connected, decision-maker identified, etc

Task outcomes help to determine how the task went. These are really handy for showing how a phone call or in-person meeting went. You can use this to record how a call went or you could use SPIN-selling style outcomes like Order, Advancement, Continuation, No-sale.

These outcomes will show on task boards so you can see why the task was closed. Here, we can see the reason we closed the call to Bob Smith is because we had the wrong number.

Task Types, ie: Phone, Email, Appointment, LinkedIn Outreach

Task types can be custom, but there are 3 built-in tasks that FunnelFLARE comes with that behave in special ways:

  • Phone: if you dial, it auto-completes the task
  • Email: pre-built so you can send emails right from the task box
  • Appointment: has a location field

You can always add in your own custom-created task types as well.

Why would you want to use FunnelFLARE’s tasks?

For most users who are already making good use of tasks in their CRM, we’d recommend integrating FunnelFLARE so that you can use FunnelFLARE’s powerful task automation with your CRM. But here are a few examples of where you might want to use FunnelFLARE’s baked in tasks:

  • If your CRM task system sucks. If you currently do not use your CRM’s existing task system, the question is ‘why not?’. If you are considering starting to use a task system, FunnelFLARE’s is very good
  • If you would like to schedule email templates that are sent from within a task, FunnelFLARE does this. Most task systems do not have the concept of ‘here is an email template that you should send 3 days after they do ‘x’).
  • If you would like more than one stage to your tasks (i.e. scheduled, working on, etc). FunnelFLARE delivers
  • If you do not have a CRM today, you could start using FunnelFLARE’s task management system to help improve sales consistency and get better sales results.

Task Automation

Because tasks can be created inside campaigns and lead processing workflows, the FunnelFLARE system can automate task creation. In the example sales sequence below, tasks are being used to guide salespeople through a proven sales sequence with each prospect. The tasks can dictate the channel, messaging, and timing for each touchpoint. This enables sales managers to create ideal outreach profiles and have all the salespeople follow those profiles for maximum sales efficiency.
Want to learn more about using tasks inside FunnelFLARE? Check out our support article on using tasks.