FunnelFLARE has been updated with lots of new call features that better integrate it with the new tasks system, easier tracking of call outcomes, tasks are now on the contact screen, easier note-taking, and calling is available from more places.

1. Call Outcomes

Call outcomes are your way of flagging how the call went. They’re customizable, so you can match how you currently manage your sales. You could go by SPIN selling outcomes: advancement, continuation, etc. Or you could go by straight forward progress labels: No answer, not decision-maker, decision-maker, booked meeting, etc.

Call outcomes are available for the simple dialer in FunnelFLARE as well as the power dialer.

Call outcome

Call outcomes are logged to the contact, and they’re available inside task views as well:

2. Improved Tasks

With our continued enhancements on tasks, we’ve integrated calling better. Calls are just tasks: typically they’re either “open” or “closed”, but you could add other states if you like.

If you hit the phone icon on a call task, you can complete the task immediately. That’s handy if you have multiple types of calls for a specific contact.

We’ve also exposed call notes on the simple dialer so that you can take notes during your call.

Tasks are also available on the contact screen now, so it’s easy to see what is scheduled for any given prospect.

3. Use FunnelFLARE in the Pipedrive Contacts Screen

Finally, we made it easier for you to make calls from Pipedrive using FunnelFLARE. You can now call and send template emails from the “all contacts” screen in Pipedrive. This is handy if you’re using a filter or list inside Pipedrive.