CRMs are where many salespeople spend most of their day. They use CRMs to track contacts, log calls/meetings/email, target accounts, deals and deal stages, and schedule tasks and activities. But that last bit: tasks and scheduled activities, can get really misused at some companies, causing them to revert back to Outlook tasks or. . .shudder. . .post-it notes. FunnelFLARE can help drive more consistent tasking in CRMs.

Because FunnelFLARE has native integration with a ton of CRMs, we can directly create tasks inside your CRM. Sales groups that make good use of a CRM should use it for what it’s strong at – contact management, activity logging, deal management, and sales tasking.

Why Use Tasks in the CRM?

  • That’s where most salespeople and SDRs spend their day
  • CRMs have fantastic reporting that sales managers need to manage their team. Having tasks there is convenient for sales managers to check in on deals or specific salespeople and see what the next step is
  • Tasks usually become logged activities in the CRM once completed, so it makes sense to keep them in the same place

Simple Task Automation

Some CRMs come with basic task automation, while others have no task automation at all. For those without any task automation in their CRM, FunnelFLARE is great for automating simple, repeatable tasks you want sales to take like:

  • Automatically set up a follow-up call after a sale is marked as “Won”
  • Add reminder tasks when a deal gets to a certain stage, such as prepping the project team once you’ve got a verbal on a deal
  • Add in deadline tasks
  • Reminder to send an invoice
  • Remind salespeople to reach out to prospects via social at crucial times
  • Automatically schedule annual review calls

Advanced Task Automation

Because FunnelFLARE integrates tightly with the most popular CRMs, you can use tasks as a way to co-ordinate the human side of a well automated sales sequence. We document some of these use cases in our sales sequence series. By using the built-in tasks in each CRM, salespeople can still spend most of their time in their CRM and have proven sales sequences reminding them of who to call, email, and contact. Tasks are how the system passes things off to the salesperson to do.

Ultimately, most Salespeople and SDR’s spend their time in the CRM: managing deals, contacting prospects, and helping the business bring in revenue and predict future revenue.

Here are some examples of how advanced campaigns and sequences use task automation inside the CRM to co-ordinate salespeople and automation together.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Sequence

Microsoft Dynamics Task Automation Example


Automating networking event follow up

Salesforce Task Automation Example


Pipedrive Task Automation

Pipedrive Task Automation Example


Sales Cadence

Zoho Task Automation Example