Salespeople send a lot of emails and make a lot of calls. In this post, we’ll compare some of the methods that salespeople can use to send personalized emails built off templates using FunnelFLARE. As an example, we’ll be sending emails one by one to prospects. There are 4 main methods for sending template emails via FunnelFLARE. Here they are from least automated to most:

  1. Use templating built-in to your email program
  2. Use personal templates in FunnelFLARE
  3. Use emails as FunnelFLARE tasks
  4. Automatically send emails in sales sequences or campaigns

1. Templating Built-In to your Email Program

Email templates in your email platform are a manual way to make some re-use of content. It’s where many salespeople start saving time with emails. In Google’s GMail (aka G Suite), you may need to turn templates or canned responses on, because it’s not on by default. Once on, you can save emails as templates and use those templates to send more emails.

This method is great for:

  • Emails that you don’t send very often, but need to be consistent on
  • Saving a bit of time per email because you don’t need to copy and paste
  • Emails that may need some customization
  • Templates for just a few salespeople

One really nice thing is that if you use FunnelFLARE’s Chrome Plugin, you can also use dynamic fields to auto-personalize these emails. ie:

  • %CONTACT.FIRST_NAME% to put in their first name
  • %CONTACT.ACCOUNT.BUISNESS_NAME% for their org name
  • Etc

Make sure that “Track Email” is checked at the bottom of your Gmail email if you want to use dynamic fields. Then, FunnelFLARE will automatically swap in the right info.

Personal Templates inside FunnelFLARE

You can create personal email, text, and voicemail templates in FunnelFLARE for re-use and access these templates when you’re choosing to send an email from the FunnelFLARE interface or from your CRM. These emails are very quick to send and can be personalized with prospect information. These use the FunnelFLARE Chrome extension. You can use them when you see the orange email icon.

This method is great for:

  • Ad-hoc emails that need to be consistent, but are unpredictable when you need to send them
  • Sending on-off templated emails from the FunnelFLARE or CRM interface
  • Sending an email immediately after completing a call

Emails as FunnelFLARE tasks

There’s an “email” task type in FunnelFLARE that’s pretty magic. It can be created automatically inside a campaign or as part of a sales sequence so you can send them at just the right time, and it can be pre-built, edited, saved, and finally sent out all from the task interface. This makes it quick to give emails a quick once-over, then send. And of course, they can be personalized using dynamic fields like the emails above.

Email tasks can also be manually created for yourself or others, so you can work on a future email, and set a due date for yourself or for someone else to send. That last bit is magic: it allows support, marketers, and others to pre-build emails that the Account Manager can review and send to customers.

This method is great for:

  • Emails that need to be sent more often
  • Emails that are a defined part of a sales sequence
  • Emails that need reviewing before sending out
  • Ensuring accountability to send emails
  • Building better consistency across salespeople

Fully Automated Sales Emails

Finally, we get to fully automated sales emails. These have a specific fit: they’re used in a part of the sales process that can always be consistent. They come from the salesperson, they’re personalized, and they have a trigger or part of the sales process that they’re sent from. In FunnelFLARE, automated emails are sent from campaigns, as well as for appointment reminders.

If you’re using one of the above methods for a part of the sales process, but find that 99% of your emails are the same, you should strongly consider fully automating the email. Breaking concentration from sales to read over a template email that is the same for 99% of customers is not a good use of time, so cut the mental task switching out and fully automate.

This method is the best for:

  • Frequently sent emails where:
    • you know what triggers to look for or when they need to be sent in the sales process
    • they don’t need human review/editing
  • Saving the most amount of time per email
  • Much better consistency on timing and email content between salespeople


The most developed/mature sales processes will make use of the most automation because they’ve got the sales process down to a standard, repeatable recipe. With FunnelFLARE, you’ve got access to a variety of methods to send personalized emails that help save you time.