We’ve rolled out a bunch of new features for FunnelFLARE recently, so we thought we’d put together a quick overview.

Send and complete on email task

FunnelFLARE supports automated emails from salespeople, but some sales emails need to be reviewed and edited before sending them. In these cases, it makes sense to pre-build an email draft in a task and put it in front of sales to review and send it at the right time. FunnelFLARE now has “send and complete” in email tasks so that salespeople can quickly edit drafts and send them.

Note: If your salespeople end up sending 95%+ of all emails without making any changes, we’d strongly recommend just sending them automatically to the prospect rather than using an email task. Task-switching, even to send a draft email, takes time and mind space and can reduce sales effectiveness.

Call Transcripts

Recording calls is handy for both sales managers and salespeople, but now FunnelFLARE is also offering call transcripts. Call transcripts can be turned on or off on each individual phone number on the phone number settings screen.

Transcripts show up in Contact Activity streams, call widgets, and more. They come with a word cloud that makes it easy to see what the conversation was about at a glance:


New Call Reporting

Call reporting has been updated for FunnelFLARE users. Both general phone reports, as well as some of the phone widgets that you use in the dashboard, have been updated to include more pertinent information such as whether the call was inbound or outbound, what the phone number’s name was, whether the call connected, link to the transcript and recording, etc.

New Widgets:

  • Attempted dials by a salesperson
  • Connected calls by a salesperson
  • Outbound calls widget
  • Recent phone calls

Contact Segments

Contact segments are now available in FunnelFLARE. Contact segments are like saved filters that you set up and then use later to slice and dice your contacts.