Normally in FunnelFLARE, we’d encourage users to host files in the “Assets->Files” section of FunnelFLARE, and then link to those files inside emails. Links can be tracked for activity so you can see when they’re clicked or even get alerted, and they work great for larger files that may get filtered out by some email providers.

But, sometimes it’s more convenient to just attach the file to the email. As of today, you can attach files directly to prospect emails in campaigns. This makes it easy to send datasheets, pricing information, and other attachments as part of a sales sequence.


Best of all, because FunnelFLARE has powerful logic built-in, you can layer in decisions so that the automation can pick the correct attachment and email. The more logic you can automate and use in campaigns, the faster you can get the right information to your prospects and customers.