“Sales Enablement” covers a broad category of software platforms, like FunnelFLARE, that help salespeople save time and close more deals. On the phone side of things, they’re revolutionizing how salespeople make calls, so we thought we’d put together a reference on what these features are called and what they do.

Standard Phone vs Softphone

Standard phones are desk phones, cell phones, etc that are purpose-built to make and take phone calls. Many businesses have switched to using VOIP systems along with desk phones, but haven’t made the jump to softphones yet.

Softphones are software-based phones, so you can make calls with a comfortable headset attached to your computer/laptop, or over Bluetooth. Because you’re using standard PC hardware instead of specialized phone hardware, you’ve got a LOT more selection on headsets both wired and wireless. FunnelFLARE’s softphone helps you make calls directly with the click of a mouse, which skips the need to look up and punch in a phone number.

Softphones also let you take calls in but use cell phones or desk phones to run the call. This is handy if you run BYOD (Bring your own device) and salespeople use their personal cell phones. They don’t have to share their cell with the prospects, just use a virtual number with the softphone and forward it.


Go hands-free! No more neck and shoulder pain holding your phone.

Standard Dialer vs Power Dialer vs Predictive Dialer

Next, softphones can change the process you take in making calls. Standard dialers will enable calls with a virtual keypad. Many salespeople make calls from directly inside their CRM, which is something that is easily done with FunnelFLARE added to your CRM.

Power Dialers have a variety of feature sets but for today, we’re going to use the term to describe a specialized view with a pre-selected list of prospects or clients that allow salespeople to make calls at a rapid but informed pace. Salespeople or sales managers build a list of prospects, then salespeople start going through the list where they:

  1. View quick pertinent data about the prospect including sales notes, whether the prospect has been reading emails or visiting your website, etc.
  2. Call the prospect with a click, or send the prospect an SMS text message or an email that is automatically personalized
  3. Add the prospect to a drip campaign or automated sales sequence

To see how our Power Dialer works, check out this 3-minute video. In our opinion, this type of dialer is the best choice for high-value conversations where you still want to save time.

Predictive Dialers are the style used by telemarketers and other high volume callers. These systems dial numerous phone numbers at once and connect any available rep once a prospect picks up and says anything. Because there isn’t time to review a prospect account before connecting with them, this type of dialer is best for high volume calls that have low complexity.

Call Completion Templates

What if the prospect doesn’t pick up and you get their voicemail? Most salespeople would leave a pretty standard voicemail, maybe send a follow-up email or text message. Call completion templates enable salespeople to wrap up the call and after-work in an instant with:

  • Leave a pre-recorded voicemail
  • Send an automatically personalized email (we like to send one that links to our appointment scheduler)
  • Send an automatically personalized text message to the prospect’s cell phone


Call Recording & Analytics

Since we’re using a softphone, why don’t we record these phone calls and do something with those recordings?

Basic call recording usually requires automated call recording and disclosure as required, like the common “this call may be recorded for quality purposes” notice. Call Recording is an option in FunnelFLARE and at 1/2 cent per minute, it’s super affordable.

Allowing sales managers and salespeople to re-listen to their recorded calls helps recall what was going on, helps the team cover for salespeople that are sick and out of the office, and helps sales managers ensure quality. FunnelFLARE makes it easy to both post links to recordings into your CRM as well as view recordings from inside the platform using several dashboard widgets.

Call Transcription enables a text transcription of the call that can then be logged in the platform and/or to the CRM. This feature is super handy because it eliminates the need to take super detailed notes as you’re on the call.

Call Forensics is a set of analytics and reports you can perform on phone calls. You can preview a word cloud of the most common words mentioned on a phone call to get the gist of what it was about before listening to the audio recording, you can filter all phone calls for just the ones that have a trigger word in them and listen to those, etc. Great for sales managers or marketing managers to see high level ideas on what’s coming up on calls.


Example word cloud from a call