With Coronavirus completely shutting down some countries, is your company “work from home” policy up to date? If you don’t have a policy, you should build one right away. If Coronavirus or some other illness shut down travel, but you have a solid work from home setup, you need not suffer a total shutdown of your business. Let’s talk about some requirements to have salespeople work from home.

Work From Home Platforms

FunnelFLARE enables salespeople to make VOIP calls, add customers to drip campaigns and be fully functional working from home. Check out the video below to see what you can do with the platform, or start a free 2 week trial to see it for yourself.

Internal Company Comms: Email is pretty standardized, but most companies would benefit from standardizing on a chat + video conferencing platform as well. Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Skype are popular options for this. Webcam video is important because it shows body language that can be missed on just voice calls or text chat.

Video Conference Calls: If your internal company chat+video doesn’t support customer calls, you may need to supplement it with Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Join.me.

Phone: If your company provides cell phones, cell phone plans, or has a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, you’ll be one step ahead of the game here. VOIP capability can help offset the costs here as well. Having the ability to control where new lead phone calls get redirected is a big help here.

External Emails: Get on Office 365 or G Suite like every other business and this part is easy.

Asset (File) Access: Do your salespeople need to login to a physical file server in the office? Do you force them to use a VPN to remotely connect if they need files? If you answered “yes” to both of these, you’re going to have a headache supporting non-tech savvy salespeople when they try to work from home. Cloud-based storage is far easier to use.

CRM: Most CRMs are available online and accessible everywhere. If you’re still using an on-premise installed CRM, it’s time to get with the times and get a SaaS-based CRM in the cloud.

Work From Home Policy

People working from home can be productive if the right policies and expectations are set. Your business needs KPIs and/or expectations for work completed for each position and it needs to be measurable. Bums in seats are not what your business needs, it’s work tasks accomplished and goals hit. This is a good policy anyway, it’s just more critical when you can’t see what those resources are doing each day.

For sales, this is easy. We track revenue, MRR, or other end-goal KPIs for established salespeople, and dials, meetings booked, and other activity KPIs for Sales Development Resources (SDRs) or new salespeople who haven’t had time to develop their pipeline yet. Checking reporting within the CRM will solve most of this and listening to a few recorded sales calls or presentations will help quality check the work your salespeople are doing.

FunnelFLARE Makes Work From Home easy

FunnelFLARE has a number of features that make it easier for salespeople to work from home (or anywhere really). With their laptop and a headset, salespeople can get a LOT done.

  • FunnelFLARE’s appointment scheduler can be set up to create GoToMeetings directly and can create Zoom meetings when used with Zapier. This means you can have sales meetings automatically book external-facing video conference calls.
  • FunnelFLARE tracked phone numbers can be instantly redirected on the backend so you can get incoming calls to go to the right people.
  • Salespeople can call prospects from their laptops using the FunnelFLARE dialer and power dialer. These calls are logged to the CRM, and they can be recorded so that sales managers can QC.
  • Salespeople can use call completion templates from anywhere, so it’s easy to drop voicemails, send follow up emails, and send follow up text messages.
  • Drip campaigns and other automation built into FunnelFLARE work the same and don’t require any special technology to continue to use.

If salespeople have to use a home computer, FunnelFLARE makes it easy to get set up: all they need to do is have a headset connected and login to be fully operational.

Don’t wait for Coronavirus or the next blackout or water main break to shut down your business for the day. Build a proper work from home policy so your salespeople can effectively get the job done without having to be in the office.