FunnelFLARE is now on Nimble’s App Marketplace where you can connect FunnelFLARE with Nimble CRM – the CRM that works for you, everywhere you work. Nimble is the simple, smart CRM for Office 365 and GSuite focused on detail-rich contact records that work seamlessly with multi-channel environments.

FunnelFLARE provides all the ‘must-have’ sales engagement features you need, all from within the Nimble CRM screens:

Sales Sequence Automation: The phone and emails are a sales team’s main tools. FunnelFLARE has a power dialer, which lets sales create a prospect list, go through the call list, automatically log calls, and leave pre-recorded voicemail and personalized templated SMS or Email follow-ups. You can build a sequence that uses the best practice cadence for your sales group. The email automation easily adds Nimble CRM prospects to customizable drip campaigns integrated with the sales team’s Gmail or Outlook 365 accounts.

Integrated Appointment Scheduling: Streamline appointments with FunnelFLARE’s integrated calendar. Personalize your appointment scheduling landing pages and forms. Plus FunnelFLARE automatically sends SMS and email reminders for your prospect appointments.

Prospect Insights: Get browser notifications and see which customers are on your website in real-time. Sales see the full history of the marketing engagement for the prospect and others at their organization… right in Nimble.

Unparalleled Nimble Integration: To get the most out of FunnelFLARE and Nimble, FunnelFLARE provides the Lead Insights Chrome extension. This adds outbound call tracking, prospect and account insight overlays right inside the Nimble interface. All the power of FunnelFLARE without leaving your CRM.

FunnelFLARE is a perfect complement to Nimble CRM. Nimble’s focus on lead interaction tracking and FunnelFLARE’s complete sales enablement tools power up any sales process.

Find FunnelFLARE in the Nimble Marketplace or sign up for a free trial.