is an incredibly simple and efficient web-based software built for sales teams. For salespeople using the native connection with FunnelFLARE, it enables them to get more done in less time.

With the FunnelFLARE’s native integration with, there are lots of powerful features, but here are a few that will really power up your sales.

Power Dialer Mode for high productivity calling

Power dialing is a feature that enables high productivity calling of prospects and customers. FunnelFLARE’s power dialer feature allows sales professionals to create a list of prospects/clients and call them one after another in a “power dialer mode”. Contact insights, available from within, allow salespeople to rapidly check out what actions the contact has taken, see what other contacts in the same organization have been doing, refer to past sales notes and make the call.

If the salesperson gets the prospect’s voicemail, they can drop a pre-recorded voicemail, send an automatically personalized follow-up email or SMS with a simple click, then move on to the next prospect on the list. Power Dialer mode is great for salespeople who do cold calling, account managers who regularly check up on client accounts, inviting clients to special events and much more.

Automatically post phone call details to

No more typing while on a sales call, which is not only annoying, it distracts salespeople from actively listening to prospects. Calls made from within using the FunnelFLARE Chrome extension are automatically recorded and both an automatic call transcription and link to the recording are posted to Sales teams get a quick sense of the call from the transcription and can review the recording if they need to remember exactly what a prospect might have said.

Automate common email follow-ups

Salespeople spend a lot of time sending the same emails over and over again and often they write all these common emails from scratch! With the FunnelFLARE integration with, you can add prospects to email and SMS sequences without having to leave the sales platform. These workflows can automatically remove prospects when they’ve done something significant or periodically send reminders. Typical uses for these workflows or sequences are:

  • Reminding prospects to book an appointment with the salesperson.
  • Automatically handle unresponsive prospects to try to get them to re-engage with sales.
  • Send out typical post-sales follow-up emails.
  • Send a post-sale survey and automatically remind them if they don’t fill it out.
  • Put prospects in drip campaigns during the buying cycle.

Stop playing ‘phone tag’ with smart appointment scheduling

It can be frustrating when scheduling time for a call or meeting with prospects turns into ‘phone tag’.  FunnelFLARE has special automation that makes appointment scheduling easy. Simply link salespeople’s work calendars (Google Calendar or Outlook) to appointment booking pages and send prospects to those pages. Prospects can choose from up-to-date options of available dates for a meeting with the salesperson, and they get smart automated reminders.

If you’ve got a pool of people who take meetings, do demos or book tours, FunnelFLARE can be configured to book appointments based on preference/priority or based on round-robin to easily handle bookings.

Sales Enablement inside

Best of all, almost all of this functionality is available right inside of, so it’s easier for salespeople to learn because it’s in the platform they’re most familiar with.

For more information on how to set up the FunnelFLARE integration for, visit their dedicated help page.