By striking when it’s hot and calling clients when they’re on your website, reading emails, or typically active, you can really improve your hit rate on calls. But, part of sales these days is that prospects “ghost” you sometimes. They get busy with other things, their motivation wanes, and they start dodging emails and calls. It’s a frequent way that sales are lost: the customer’s pain was not great enough to make a decision and they become unresponsive. In these cases, you could follow your own formula for following up, or you could build a formula and integrate it into the system to do.

Building your Follow Up Formula

Follow up formulas aren’t the same for every industry and every type of customer, so you have to build one for your company. A follow-up formula is a timed outset of messages that you’re going to use to get a hold of a customer.

It might look something like this:


  • Call (2x)
  • Email (2x)

Now if we’ve made 2 calls and 2 emails with no response, we’re going to put this prospect into the “recover-my-prospect” drip campaign.


  • Email #1 – General “trying to get a hold of you”, here’s my appointment scheduler
    • Wait 2 days
  • Email #2 – Still trying to get a hold of you, I thought this general appeal article would be interesting to you (trying to get some movement, even if it doesn’t advance the sale)
    • Wait 4 days
  • Email #3 – “Hey, maybe you’re not ready to make a decision just yet. That’s cool, here are a few resources that might help when you’re ready.”
  • Set activity in CRM for you to set the prospect to “lost – unresponsive”
  • Schedule CRM activity 3 months later to call and check in

Email #3 is the killer: you are not trying to be snarky, you’re trying to help them realize that they’re not ready to make a decision yet. The funny thing that will happen is that some prospects will come right back and tell you what their current barrier to purchase is. This is the information you really needed and now you can get to get back to helping the prospect with those barriers and getting the sales process back on track.

We don’t close the CRM deal from FunnelFLARE because it’s a good opportunity for you to add in why you thought the deal was lost.

Adding in an activity to follow up helps keep you top of mind with the prospect so they’ll remember when you buy. You could choose to send another automated email at this stage, or you could send a personal one referring to their industry or something personal to show that you remembered them.

Add-on’s and Enhancements

  • For some types of sales, text messages or other channels might be appropriate
  • Make sure to include a link to your Appointment Scheduler to make it easy for your prospect to find a time that works for both of you
  • Trigger these drip campaigns from your CRM using FunnelFLARE