FunnelFLARE has a built-in appointment scheduler that makes it easy for prospects to self-book meetings in salespeople’s calendars. Now with Zoom integration, it’s easy to automatically turn your meetings into Zoom meetings. Zoom-enhanced meetings with FunnelFLARE automatically send meeting join instructions to the prospect and to your meeting organizer (the salesperson). If you run a lot of meetings in a day, it’ll save a lot of headaches.

Members of our team using Zoom to meet face-to-face during the Coronvirus pandemic.

Automatic Zoom Meetings Save Time

Automating video conferencing along with meeting creation helps save time for salespeople and reduces the chance of messing up the meeting time or copying the wrong joining information.

Product Demos with Zoom

For those companies that deliver demos to prospects using Zoom, FunnelFLARE has an excellent system for managing many demos, coordinating demo-givers calendars so that no one gets double-booked, and making it easy to keep demo-givers fully booked and running demos without having to deal with a ton of administration.

Ready to integrate FunnelFLARE with Zoom? Check out this support article for the how-to steps to take.