SDRs are Sales Development Representatives, and they differ from quota-based sales reps in that they are solely outbound prospecting for leads. For many companies, SDRs get a list of prospects from marketing or build their lists themselves using Discover, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or through other directories. They then individually call and email the prospects on the lists to further develop and qualify whether a prospect is sales-ready.

SDRs aren’t measured by sales won, but by activities like calls and meetings booked.

Highly productive SDRs typically follow a highly scripted, highly process-oriented day. Many of them will spend their first half-hour reviewing targets for the day, doing a bit of research, setting up their lists that they’re going to reach out to, and then start their outreach with prospects on the East coast.

When should you hire SDRs?

Short answer: when growth from marketing efforts have slowed or are budget-limited or they are not producing enough leads to hit sales targets, or there are too many low quality leads to sift through to find good quality ones. Some companies today are opting to move marketing from a lead gen role to a support role and putting the SDRs in charge of lead gen. This works better for some industries than others.

Commissions for SDRs should be based on activity metrics, with a revenue-created metric if possible. Look at activities like:

  • Connected calls -Incentivizing on connected calls encourages SDRs to be smart about when they make their calls, how often they call to try to connect and ensures they’re hitting the most prospects possible
  • Booked appointments -Make sure you have some parameters around the appointments so that they’re of consistent quality

We would not recommend incentivizing SDRs on contacts hit, emails sent, and other lower-value touchpoints because they’ll just try to do those as fast as possible and quality will suffer. Those common touchpoints should be automated away so that they can focus on outbound prospecting that needs a more personal touch.

Why are we writing about SDRs?

FunnelFLARE helps sales be more productive with automated sales processes. When SDRs are paired with sales enablement software like FunnelFLARE, they’re better able to hit more prospects, get more done each day, generate more leads from outbound prospecting, and integrate with your CRM so you can pass contacts up to sales when they’re ready for the sales team.

So if you’re looking to hire an SDR or an SDR team, consider setting them up with FunnelFLARE so they’re able to automate some of their processes and get better results.