While FunnelFLARE is great for sitting at your laptop or desktop and hitting big sales numbers, salespeople also need to take action from their phones. FunnelFLARE is pleased to announce that we have released the FunnelFLARE app on Google Play. With the app, you can:

  • See recent prospect activity
  • Lookup contacts and organizations
  • Add contacts to drip campaigns
  • See who’s on your website right now

Most importantly, the app gives you access to FunnelFLARE’s calling system. With that system, you are able to:

  • Call out over VOIP
  • Send tracked text messages
  • Use call completion templates if you get the prospect’s voicemail
  • Automatically log phone calls and text messages to FunnelFLARE and your CRM
  • Record & transcribe calls

To install the app, click here to go to Google Play: