FunnelFLARE has a powerful contact and organization database that makes it easy to customize data about prospects and their companies, see who works at which company, see roles, etc. Today, we’ve added a new powerful feature: contact relationships.

Contact relationships are a new way to show how contacts are connected, dynamically pull that information into emails and text messages to the contact, or even automating the outreach to the contacts relationships. That all might sound confusing, but it’s easier with some quick examples:

For Senior Living Facilities, you can have automated drip campaigns that reference the resident and the resident’s child separately, and even reference it in follow up emails. Here, I’ve underlined the dynamic fields.

“Hi Sue,

Last week, we spoke about your mother Gladys and moving into Pine Village. If you wanted to book a virtual facility tour for Gladys and yourself, here’s a link with a full schedule of available times where I can show you around (virtually at least!)”

As you can see in the workflow above, you can use decisions to choose whether to mention relationships in emails or not. And while this workflow says “parent”, that’s just because it’s typical. Because I’m using dynamic fields to fill in the relationship, it’ll cover other types of relationships like friends, co-workers, and any other kind of relationship I’d use.

Start selling with the power of relationships

How you use relationships in FunnelFLARE with your prospects will depend on how relationships are handled in your industry. For some industries, just knowing what business someone works at and their title/role is enough, while other relationships are critical in other industries.

Want to start building relationships in your FunnelFLARE account? Check out this help article for all the details.