FunnelFLARE now has a “Post to External webhook” action available inside workflows. So for those FunnelFLARE customers who need to hook into a more rare CRM that we don’t have native integration with, we can send customer data in right from a workflow.

Use Cases

Typically, most users will be using the “post to webhook” to post contact information to a 3rd party system. The SDR might use FunnelFLARE to process prospects, and once they’re qualified, post them to another system for the Account Executives (AE’s) to handle.

Warning: Posting to a webhook is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to know how to build a valid JSON.

Do I even need to use this post to external webhook action?

FunnelFLARE has a wide selection of native integrations that covers most of the popular platforms. Those native connections are usually bidirectional and are a better choice than using webhooks. But, for CRMs that don’t have a native integration and don’t have any 3rd party connector support like Zapier or LeadsBridge, Webhooks might be the way to get the data in.

More information on posting to external webhooks is available here.