“Voicemail drops” are recordings that you leave behind when you get your clients voicemail instead of them when you call. It’s a quick way for you to move on to another call when your customer isn’t at their desk or are on the line.

Because these are templated they’re NOT a full replacement for all voicemails. If you need to name drop or mention something specific, go ahead and leave a regular, non-automated voicemail. For the other regular voicemails that you leave a million times per day, FunnelFLARE’s voicemail drop helps you save your time and sanity.

How to Record a Voicemail

FunnelFLARE needs an MP3 recording for each voicemail you want to playback.

On your phone, you could use a voice recorder app to record your voicemail. These usually produce an mp3 file that you can upload to FunnelFLARE to re-use.

On your computer, you could download an app or use a website like https://recordmp3online.com/ to record your voicemails.

Sample Voicemail Script 1

This voicemail+ email combo is easy to record (because it’s short) and it’s very generic so it’ll work for a lot of types of calls. It also stops “phone tag” to rebook the call because the prospect can re-book in your calendar using the appointment booker.

Hey, it’s %CONTACT.FIRST_NAME% from %CONTACT.ACCOUNT.BUSINESS_NAME% here. Looks like I just missed you, I’ll send along an email with my appointment schedule so you can pick a time that works for you.

Note: you’ll need to add in an email with this one. We recommend linking to your appointment booker.

Sample Voicemail Script 2

This voicemail + text combo is better used with a client that you have recurring calls with or one where you expected them to be there. It’s important enough that you’re going to wait around for a bit in case they free up.

Hey, it’s %CONTACT.FIRST_NAME% from %CONTACT.ACCOUNT.BUSINESS_NAME%. I’m calling in for our monthly check-in. I’ll be at my desk for the next 5 minutes so if you have some time and get this message, call me back. My phone number is %CONTACT.PHONE.PHONE_NUMBER%. I’ll send you a quick text as well.

In the text message, I’d send along my phone number AND a link to my appointment booker so they can re-book the meeting they missed themselves.

Once you’ve got your voicemail or voicemails recorded, upload them to your profile.

profile settings


Recording the same voicemail day in, day out is boring. We recommend setting up voicemail drop for the 2 most common voicemails that you leave every day so that you can cut repetitive voicemails out of your life and focus on the sales activities that are going to help pay for that new kitchen reno.