FunnelFLARE’s built-in call tracking, phone apps, and desktop VOIP phone make it easy for salespeople to take and make calls with their prospects. As of today, we’ve rolled out a new feature that lets salespeople configure their CallerID in a couple of interesting ways:

  1. Set your CallerID to your regular business phone number so that your prospects aren’t just getting a call from a number they don’t recognize.
  2. Use 1 outbound number with several sales reps and change the CallerID based on the salesperson making the call
  3. Use the call tracking number as your CallerID

Note that while you can set the phone number you’re calling from (after a super quick verification process), you can’t set the name that goes with the number. If it’s already registered with your phone company, you’re good to go.

Personal CallerIDs are set on the profile page of each user.

1. Setting your CallerID to business or central phone number

This is an easy way to setup CallerID that’s consistent across salespeople. If you want to maintain ultimate consistency, set your business phone number as the CallerID across all your tracking phone numbers. If your business name is registered on that phone number, it’ll go along with the CallerID.

2. Change CallerID based on a salesperson

Most sales enablement platforms can’t pull this trick: in FunnelFLARE, you can automatically change the CallerID based on who is making the call: even swapping it for different salespeople sharing tracking phone numbers. Account Managers who have strong relationships with their clients will love this feature because it puts them front and center.

Some salespeople will also use this feature to change the CallerID to their cell phone so that they can take inbound calls on their cell later in the evening after a full day of power dialing. This is also great if your salespeople travel a lot.

3. No CallerID

If you so choose, you can just leave CallerID showing the tracking number that you’re calling from and nothing else. The advantage here is that returned phone calls from prospects can be tracked in the FunnelFLARE platform.