Many businesses operate on an independent agent model where sales are distributed and independent agents act in their own areas. Real estate, insurance sales, and many other businesses adopt this franchise-like model.

How can the business/brand help independent agents sell more?

Most businesses or brands that operate on an independent agent model charge a licensing fee or percentage of sales and offer marketing and sales support in return. FunnelFLARE is a sales enablement platform that some competitive businesses like to offer to agents: either centralizing the licenses and cost or offering a template account that is already setup for their success.

Offering FunnelFLARE to independent agents

FunnelFLARE offers several features out of the box that is great for independent agents such as:

Because FunnelFLARE offers native integration with many CRMs as well as a ton more through Zapier, we’re able to support centralized CRMs as well as cases where independent agents are left to pick their own CRM. This allows agents to keep their own data in FunnelFLARE or their own CRM.

Aside from those, businesses that use independent agents can collect the best recipes for sales success and distribute them to independent agents: sharing best practices and proven campaigns. This means that business can offer their agents:

  • The best email drip campaigns
  • Proven sales sequences specific to the business
  • Branded email templates

Want to know more? Book a demo with us and we can run you through a live demo of how FunnelFLARE helps independent agents sell more effectively.