Pricing Details

FunnelFLARE provides outbound calls when you have a phone number in the system. Phone number rental and rates per minute are in the table below. Outbound calls to the US/Canada are 2 cents per minute.

International calls TO a target country use the /minute cost of that country, calls into your phone number use the per/minute cost of that phone number. You can call countries that aren’t on our list, pricing/minute varies, we can give a more complete list of countries on request.

These are estimates, actual charges may vary. For example some countries, charges for calling mobile and land lines are different.

Just to make things quick, an average 5 person sales team uses about $50/mo in phone charges and 1 person will use $5-20/mo depending on how many inbound calls they get. Your mileage may vary depending how you use the system.

Other fees:

  • Data Enrichment is 8 cents per lookup
  • Call recording ½ cent per minute
  • Call transcription 3 cents per minute
  • Plain text SMS messages 1 cents per text for US/CAN (regional pricing available for Image MMS messages and for other countries)

All prices are in USD.

International FunnelFLARE Phone Pricing

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