Pricing Details

FunnelFLARE provides outbound calls when you have a phone number in the system. Phone number rental and rates per minute are in the table below.

International calls TO a target country use the /minute cost of that country, calls into your phone number use the per/minute cost of that phone number. You can call countries that aren’t on our list, pricing/minute varies, we can give a more complete list of countries on request.

Just to make things quick, an average 5 person sales team uses about $50/mo in phone charges and 1 person will use $5-20/mo depending on how many inbound calls they get. Your mileage may vary depending how you use the system.

Other fees:

  • Data Enrichment is 8 cents per lookup
  • Call recording ½ cent per minute
  • Call transcription 3 cents per minute
  • Plain text SMS messages 1 cents per text for US/CAN (regional pricing available for Image MMS messages and for other countries)

All prices are in USD.

International FunnelFLARE Phone Pricing

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