With large government subsidies and rapidly dropping prices per kW, more homeowners are considering installing PV solar panels. Even though typical install prices are $10,000-$30,000, government subsidies really drive those costs down and make it easy for homeowners to get ROI on their install fast AND they get to feel great helping the environment while they do it. Due to these reasons, residential solar sales is a very hot sales market.

Hit more touchpoints with a solar sales sequence

Using a consistent sales sequence helps ensure that valuable incoming leads do not “fall through the cracks”. It also helps drive accountability with sales: making it easy for them to see what they need to do with leads and making it easy for management to check that sales are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Adding new leads into a FunnelFLARE sales sequence helps ensure you can call the lead immediately, leave a pre-recorded voicemail if they don’t pick up, and send a follow-up email. A salesperson using FunnelFLARE can get all 3 of these done in less than 1 minute. That speed to following up increases the potential of a win because time kills deals.

Sales sequences also make it easier to perform cold calls at scale. You build your desired target list, upload it to FunnelFLARE or synchronize it with your CRM, and start working over the list. You can have 1 person working on a list and campaign or a whole team.

Book video calls

Since Covid started, many customers are now used to attending Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other video conferencing calls and it’s no different for sales. FunnelFLARE includes appointment scheduling software that makes it easy to let customers self-book open timeslots in your calendar so you can present your proposed solar product+installation in more detail.

Follow-ups at scale

Follow-ups can be tedious but sales enablement software like FunnelFLARE helps take the boring, repetitive parts out of it. You can lean on FunnelFLARE to handle the timing, send emails on your behalf, send text messages, and automate away the boring stuff so you can spend more time on the phone. We really like SolarFeeds tips on follow-up calls.

Sync activities and deals to your CRM

FunnelFLARE has native, bidirectional integration with lots of CRMs so you can choose to create CRM activities from inside FunnelFLARE sales sequences, open up new deals based on how a phone call went, or even do most of your work inside the CRM. FunnelFLARE can be used standalone or as a kind of “CRM++”, enhancing the capabilities of your CRM.

Heat up your solar sales with FunnelFLARE

Solar sales is an incredibly hot market but competition is fierce. For your solar company to succeed you need to be faster than your competition. Sales Enablement Software like FunnelFLARE helps you make more touchpoints, handle more leads, and close more deals.