The world of Mortgage brokers is changing and the best teams are staying ahead of the curve on automation, while teams that aren’t deploying automation are getting left in the dust.

Agile Mortgage broker teams deploy best in class sales methodology and software to get the best results. Docusign, integrated banking systems, checking credit scores, and more are all getting automated away.

Sales enablement and automation have come a long way, so here are some ways that leading mortgage teams use the technology to get ahead of the game.

Automating common follow up sequences

High-performing mortgage teams standardize on how they follow up. These sequences, sometimes called routines or cadences, follow a standard pattern so sales managers can enforce a standard and prospects get a consistent experience that is most likely to convert them into a sale. Unfortunately, many salespeople just don’t like doing follow-ups because they want to be on the phone with the clients, not writing follow-up emails or scheduling follow-up text messages. Here are some examples of what we see commonly automated:

Just met a Realtor at a business mixer? Add them to your warmup campaign to introduce yourself and setup a time to meet and show them what you can do.

Customer just asked for a rate quote? Call within 2 hours and if we don’t get them on the phone, follow up with an email and a call+email the next day.

Customer has been ghosting you for the last 3 calls? Follow up with an email once per month for 4 months to see if they’re ready to talk about their mortgage yet. We’ve got a blog post showing an example automation sequence for non-responsive prospects here

Customer filled out the home equity calculator tool? Send an email with the calculator result, then follow up with a call within 2 hours. If you don’t get them on the phone, leave a VM and follow up email with your contact info.

Sales Automation tools like FunnelFLARE make it easy to automate follow-ups and build consistency. Mortgage brokers love these sequences because they handle common situations and take the thinking out of them. It’s easy for brokers to add prospects to the best fit sequence and have the software handle the boring stuff.

Integrating with the CRM

All this sales activity and automation would be a lot less valuable if it weren’t connected with the mortgage team’s CRM. It’s far easier for everyone to be on the same page when they’re looking in the CRM. Thankfully, FunnelFLARE supports native connections to many different CRMs.

Calling and logging calls

With Covid-19, many teams went remote and found productivity could be pretty good IF the technology and oversight were there. Many teams finally took the leap and started doing more calls with their computer headsets, more video calls with Zoom and GoToMeeting, and fewer calls with their desk phones. FunnelFLARE helps teams make calls from anywhere:

Many teams opt to use the FunnelFLARE Power Dialer interface to churn through big lists of initial prospecting calls or to do a pile of follow-up calls.

Most mortgage brokers are now using appointment schedulers like the one built into FunnelFLARE to give their prospect access to their calendar, schedule appointments, and to ultimately stop playing “phone tag” to book a call. Appointment schedulers like this can also enable video conferencing to make it easy to see your clients.

Some mortgage teams opt to record their calls through FunnelFLARE and automatically put the link to the recording in their CRM. It’s an easy way to make sure you won’t miss important aspects of a call.

Ready for high-performance mortgage sales?

FunnelFLARE is a flexible sales automation platform that’s ideal for high-performance mortgage and lending teams. It automates repetitive work so your brokers can spend more time engaging with clients and less time following up, chasing prospects, and taking notes. If you’re ready to make your sales team more efficient and happier, book a FunnelFLARE live demo and we’ll show you how the platform works.