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Adriel loves the numbers side of marketing and sales: the analytics, advertising, and insights you can pull from all the data that's available today. When he's not eyeballs deep in Excel sheets, he enjoys writing articles, shooting videos, and recording podcasts.

FunnelFLARE Now Connects with PieSync

Unlike most sales enablement platforms, FunnelFLARE integrates directly with a wide variety of CRM's and other sales tools, but we don't stop there. As of today, we also offer connectivity through PieSync. PieSync is a connectivity platform that synchronizes contacts between platforms that don't have a native connection as an option. As of the writing [...]

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Recovering Unresponsive Prospects

By striking when it's hot and calling clients when they're on your website, reading emails, or typically active, you can really improve your hit rate on calls. But, part of sales these days is that prospects "ghost" you sometimes. They get busy with other things, their motivation wanes, and they start dodging emails and calls. [...]

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Automating Your Closed Sale Process

For salespeople, closing the sale is a huge milestone, and usually, it comes with some information that you need to send to the prospect as well as a handover to the internal team to let them know about the new customer. Adding some automation upon a closed sale helps with consistency across customers and between [...]

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Appointment Scheduler Tips

Playing phone tag and waiting on responses to emails just to set up an appointment sucks. Appointment scheduling is built into FunnelFLARE and: It makes a public version of your calendar available for clients or prospects to pick a meeting time Each salesperson gets their own appointment scheduler page that they can send to prospects [...]

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Recording a Great First Voicemail to Drop

"Voicemail drops" are recordings that you leave behind when you get your clients voicemail instead of them when you call. It's a quick way for you to move on to another call when your customer isn't at their desk or are on the line. Because these are templated they're NOT a full replacement for all [...]

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